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........."All Spiritual Paths lead to the same center"

Like so many others I have met, when I "stumbled" upon The Craft while in my early twenties and those who practice it, I immediately felt I had come home. A number of years passed by as I became involved in other endeavors and In September of 1999, I met a group of fine Pagan folk who had moved from Florida to Sevierville, Tennessee in 1997. The people I met had established a coven called Dragon Palm Circle and we became great friends. Since that time of our first meeting, many wonderful things have occured and I am now a member and elder of their inner circle, something of which I am very proud and honored to be. For without them, I never would have arrived at the place I have come to call my "lifes work". To be a Witch is something that is a 24/7 proposition; it is a total commitment to The Craft and to the community that you serve. Anything less is unacceptable.

Becoming a Witch is not something to undertake lightly. Wicca is a religion and as such, has a colourful history, some of which is accurate and a good deal that is not. It requires of it's students a great ammount of study and the commiting of ones time and effort to become adept at both the religious, as well as its magickal aspects. Just remember that while it does require a great deal of personal effort, it is also a most pleasurable journey. Most importantly, don't take yourself too seriously; don't forget to have fun and celebrate the joy of life and the love of others. Blessed Be !