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Father Sky and Mother Earth; Powers of Spirit; Powers of the Four Winds and of the Four Directions;

Hear Me !

For on this night and in this place; We are Orenda Circle !

They who honor the Ancient Ones from whence they came; by whatever names they might be known to us.

They who honor the passing of the moons and the passing of the seasons;

Who honor Gaia, the Earth Mother , as a living, breathing being and acknowledge her as the lifegiver and sustainor of all things.

As the Earth is our Mother and our Father the Sun; So we are Their children; the children of the stars; the siblings of the Universe.

May there always be peace between us; May we always have love in our hearts.

May we dare to walk in balance, beauty and delight.

May we dare to see with clear eyes and an open heart.

Blessed Be !