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Orenda Circle was formed in June of 2000 in Johnson City, Tennessee with the hopes of fostering both a deeper understanding and interfaith dialogue with local area Pagans and Wiccans and all others of like mind who were interested.

We presently have three members who are ordained ministers of the Universal Life Church, headquartered in Modesto, California and currently also have a congregational agreement with them. Orenda Circle is also a member of the Intefaith Alliance, a group of national networking amongst various religious faiths. This has been of great aid to us and has enabled us to perform handfastings/weddings on ocassion and was the foundation of our prison ministry at Brushy Mountian Correctional Facility located in Wartburg, Tennessee for Yule in 2001. We also relocated to Unicoi, Tennessee in December of that same year.

From our inception, we had decided not to form a formal coven and have operated as an eclectic Wiccan/Pagan Open Circle to accomodate as many Pagan paths as possible. This also makes us accessible and approachable and we feel assists us in serving a larger portion of the community at large.

Enter the circle with us.......We have much we can learn from one another as we continue our path of growth and enlightenment again dissolving from particles to waves;merging; melding; becoming one with the very light; the source we have sought.........."All Spiritual Paths lead to the same center" Blessed Be !