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The Order of The Shining Crescent

Medicine Hawk..........the Webmaster/Priest

I am Medicine Hawk......

He who honors the passing of the moons and the passing of the seasons,
Who honors Gaia, the Earth Mother as a living, breathing being
and acknowledges her as the lifegiver and sustainor of all things.

He who honors the Goddess and the God,
Who honors the feminine and masculine balance in all things.

He who honors the Maiden, Mother and Crone,
Who honors the Warrior, Sage and Elder.

He who honors the spiritual paths of all others and considers them as valid,
Who acknowledges that all paths lead to the same center.

He who honors the Elements Spirit, Earth, Air, Fire and Water,
Who honors the Rede and the Law of Three.

"So Mote It Be"

Merry Meet to all......My name is Medicine Hawk (a.k.a. Rev. Edward Allen) and I finally decided to compose and publish a site that reflects both what I believe in and what I have learned from the Wise Ones I have had the privilege and opportunity to receive instruction from.

My "Magickal Name" came to me from two of the many dreams I have had. In one, I was sitting alone and a red tailed hawk landed in front of me and pulled out two tailfeathers, one at a time and gave them to me. In the second dream, an elder of an unidentifed Native American tribe held a pipe in a beautifully decorated leather pouch to me in his outstretced arms, looked at me and said, "Here, You will need this".

In ancient times, the Hawk was the symbol of the freed soul or spirit.

The Native Americn pipe was, has been and still is the symbol of the strongest medicine among the Native American peoples.

I searched for other "Magickal Names" after this one came to me, but this is the one that "stuck". It is who I am and like Wicca, defines me and who I am and how I view the universe.

I have been a student of Dragon Palm Circle, an Eclectic teaching coven, located in Sevierville, Tennessee, for the past 2 years, lacking only one ritual for my 2nd Degree and admission to their inner circle. I owe a great debt to my mentors there and look forward to establishing a group here in Johnson City, Tennessee within the next thirteen to fifteen months. Prior to that, I was solitary for about four and a half years and have since met a wonderful lady, Emory Moon, to share my life with.

Both Emory Moon and I are ordained ministers throught The Universal Life Church and I am additionally ordained through TheChurch of Seven Planes. In June of 2000, we obtained a congregational agreement through the ULC and established Orenda Circle Sanctuary, an Eclectic Pagan/Wiccan Open Circle. While we have gotten off to a slow start, we have met a number of excellent Pagan folks of various paths here in Johnson City, who are assisting us in expanding our knowledge base and have held a number of Full Moon Circles at our home and we have become as "family" to one another.

I began my studies with The Shining Crescent School of the Feminine Divine, for men, in June of 2001. My goal is to become more balanced and to pay special homage to the Goddess from whence we came.

The Shining Crescent School is located at and offers a complete synopsis of the three levels of coursework and also has a bookstore from which the required texts may be purchased.

The three levels of the curriculum include, Level I, The Foundation; Level II, The Temple and Level III, The All and will take you 13 months to complete, according to the website, but I think it might take me a bit longer since I work nightshift and sleep during the day. By the completion of all the coursework and proper initiations, I will then become one of the first High Priests of The Order of the Shining Crescent, which is the newly established Brother Order of The Order of the White Moon. It is definitely worth the effort and is designed to help men balance themselves and the Goddess and God that reside within them.

Bright Blessings Through Her,
Medicine Hawk

I am the Goddess......The source of all that is. After many births the wise seek refuge in me, seeing me everywhere and in everything.