Orenda Circle

****WHO WE ARE -- ABOUT US****

Orenda Circle Sanctuary is a group of family and friends that began exploring various spiritual paths and wound up embracing the Wiccan religion and love of the Goddess and the God, as they embrace us and guide us on our way.

On June 29, 2000, we formed an Eclectic Wiccan/Pagan Open Circle in Johnson City, Tennessee, under Congregational Agreement #61270, granted to us by the Universal Life Church in Modesto, California. We initiated this Wiccan Open Circle to attract members of various Pagan paths and all other interested parties to act as a networking hub of many hubs within the greater Tri-Cities area and beyond. It is our most profound hope to foster interfaith dialogue within the community at large and to expand into a non-profit, tax exempt entity, serving the Pagan communities needs as they are made apparent to us.

We will always be grateful beyond what words can convey to our Mentors at Dragon Palm Circle in Sevierville, Tennessee. We will always be their family, friends, members, students and are forever in their debt for the knowledge Dreamweaver, Lady Sky, Angus Waterstone,Lady Vesta, Aquarius and the children have bestowed upon us and will remain members and affiliates of Dragon Palm Circle for as long as they are in existence. Without these fine Pagan Folks, we never would have had the knowledge, courage, or self-determination to attempt what we have all now undertaken.

We currently have three members who are ordained ministers of the Universal Life Church: Rev. Edward D. Allen, D.D., High Priest (Medicine Hawk); Rev. Cheryl L. Miller, D.D., Treasurer (Emory Moon) and Rev. Beth A. Sluder, Scribe/Secretary (Galena Skiya).

On October 13, 2000, we became listed as Wiccan/Pagan Clergy for the six hospitals owned and operated by The Mountain States Health Alliance in Northeast Tennessee, to be called upon if a patient should request us. A sample of what appears on their Intranet web page can be found by clicking "here", though we have replaced their background with our own.

Together, we will gather both the knowledge and expertise for a continuation of exploring both ourselves and the universe as an extension of our Parent Home Coven, Dragon Palm Circle, an Eclectic Teaching Coven located near us in Sevierville, Tennessee.

We also have one member who is an affilliate of The Church of the Sacred Garden.

Orenda Circle is also a member of the Interfaith Alliance and two of the founding members belong to The Fellowship of Isis.

While this is not my original quote we firmly believe in the following:

"Spirituality is not about the names of our Goddesses or Gods and how piously we worship them. It is about how we relate to and affect ALL other human beings, how we relate to ALL other beings in the univerese including habitat and how WE ALL relate to and affect the Earth Mother herself"

We DO NOT believe in "Satan" or the "Devil". This is an entirely Judeo/Christian/Islamic belief that we do not subscribe to in any form or fashion. What we do believe in is the Wiccan Rede, which stated in its' simplest form,"An it harm none......Do What Ye Will", allows us to conduct ourselves in a highly moral and ethical manner.

We are also keenly aware of another Wiccan principle known as "The Law of Three", which tells us that whatever actions we take, be they "good" or "bad", those actions will return to us in kind three fold. This is why it is very unwise and unethical to perform any type of spell or magick without first obtaining permission from the person(s) on whose behalf we are working and then considering the backlash of doing so very carefully.

You will find no spells or other forms of magick within our pages for you to use. We firmly believe that IF a special spell or ritual is needed, that you should compose and execute them on your own. Not only will they be more effective that way, it will give you the practice you need to work on your own as a practicing Witch. If you don't think you can design your own spells or rituals right now, DON'T. Go back through your study/reference materials and read the sections that deal with such matters. Be thoroughly familiar with them and be sure you KNOW what you want to do BEFORE you do it. As Wiccans/Witches, we must become very educated about our Craft and by doing so, we will become careful about how and when we use spellwork and ritual to achieve our needs. Note here that I said NEEDS, not frivilous wants or desires.

Follow these few simple rules and life will almost always be grandiose.

In Our Lord and Lady,

Rev. Edward D. Allen, D.D.  (Medicine Hawk)
Rev. Kathy Neely (Naelyan Winters)
Rev. Cheryl L. Miller, D.D.   (Emory Moon)
Rev. Beth A. Sluder, Scribe (Galena Skiya)
Blue Moon
Kimama, Orenda Circle Maiden