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Orenda Circle Sanctuary

Meet The Webmaster-- Medicine Hawk
by Rev. Edward D. Allen, D.D. (Medicine Hawk)

I am Medicine Hawk......

He who honors the passing of the moons and the passing of the seasons,
Who honors Gaia, the Earth Mother as a living, breathing being
and acknowledges her as the lifegiver and sustainor of all things.

He who honors the Goddess and the God,
Who honors the feminine and masculine balance in all things.

He who honors the Maiden, Mother and Crone,
Who honors the Warrior, Sage and Elder.

He who honors the spiritual paths of all others and considers them as valid,
Who acknowledges that all paths lead to the same center.

He who honors the Elements Spirit, Earth, Air, Fire and Water,
Who honors the Rede and the Law of Three.

"So Mote It Be"

Merry Meet to all......My name is Medicine Hawk (a.k.a. Rev. Edward Allen) and we finally decided to compose and publish a site that reflects both what we believe in and what we have learned from the Wise Ones we have had the privilege and opportunity to receive instruction from.

On September 22, 2002, my Mentors at Dragon Palm Circle in Seviervile, bestowed upon me the title of "3rd Degree Witch" at a Mabon celebration. To say that I am deeply honored would be a most profound understatment and I will forever be grateful for the confidence which they have in me. I honor my teachers here, for without the inspiration of Lady Sky, Dreamweaver, Lady Vesta and Angus Waterstone, I never would have reached this place in my life.....a place of peace and confidence that few seek and only the truly crazy pursue. I offer my gratitude and admiration to all those who have "gifted me" with their knowledge and patience.

So now begins a new journey both for Orenda Circle and for me, one that carries with it a great deal of responsibility to the Pagan Community at of teaching and other areas heretofore unapproached by me. As always, I will honor their wishes and proceed as best I am gifted by the Lord and Lady to do their bidding as it is made manifest. Blessed Be !

My "Magickal Name" came to me from two of the many dreams I have had. In one, I was sitting alone and a red tailed hawk landed in front of me and pulled out two tailfeathers, one at a time and gave them to me. In the second dream, an elder of an unidentifed Native American tribe held a pipe in a beautifully decorated leather pouch to me in his outstretced arms, looked at me and said, "Here, You will need this".

In ancient times, the Hawk was the symbol of the freed soul or spirit. The Hawk is also known for its' ability to "see" things and through most any situation that might arise. With "Hawk Medicine", comes the gift of sight.

The Native Americn pipe was, has been and still is the symbol of the strongest medicine among the Native American peoples, for within it and without, Father Sky (Great Spirit or Great Mystery), Mother Earth and the entire universe is represented.

I searched for other "Magickal Names" after this one came to me, but this is the one that "stuck". It is who I am and like Wicca/Witchcraft, defines me and who I am and how I view the universe.

We chose the name "Orenda" from the Iriquois and Mohawk Tribes. It's basic meaning is "Magick Power". It is the "cosmic power" which people, things and animals have that allows them to transcend and transform themselves, or others into a new being or state of mind. It is the "essence" of being.

A Circle is as it should be, a group of people that share the same ideas, beliefs and/or ideals that can become a cohesive unit and interact for the good of all who are associated with them, either as a group or individually.

A Sanctuary is a place where people, animals or other universal beings may come to seek refuge. It is a place of safety from which to re-assess ones' direction and perspectives.

So there you have it..........."Orenda Circle Sanctuary" WILL be a place of Magick Power to all those who join the Circle and a place of refuge for those who are the "Seekers" of occult wisdom; wisdom they already possess but do not recognize.


For Snail Mail....We are happy to supply the following address for your convienience
Orenda Circle Sanctuary
Rev. Edward D. Allen, D.D.
P.O. Box 158
Unicoi, TN 37692-0158
(423) 743-6112 Covenstead
(423) 741-3331 Cellular