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Orenda Circle Sanctuary

Casting Circle
Ritual / Spellwork / Magick
by Rev. Edward D. Allen, D.D. (Medicine Hawk)

Although Traditions vary somewhat, it is generally agreed that Circle should always be cast and should ALWAYS be cast FIRST when preparing to perform any ritual involving Spellwork or Magick. This is done for two primary reasons (1) To protect those within the Circle from any negative outside influences and (2) To build sufficient energies within the Circle to make any Spellwork or other Magick performed achieve the desired results when released.

When I was in the military, we attributed proper preparation for any task, no matter how major or seemingly mundane to a simple formula known as the 6 P's Principle: Prior Planning Prevents Piss Poor Performance. The SAME principle applies to Magick and Spellwork, but on a MUCH grander scale.

The following outline is intended as a guide and may be modified to suit your particular Tradition, needs and desires. Names of Dieties, Ancient Ones, Watchtowers, Guardians, Powers, Elements, Elementals, etc., may be substituted to those you personally feel comfortable working with.

Prior to casting the first of three circles, set up your altar according to your Tradition (Facing the East in most Traditions). The Element of the East is associated with either Air or Fire depending upon the Tradition you follow. Some equate the East with Air because it represents the newness and freshness of each day and others with Fire because it is the direction of the rising Sun. Then again, their are some Traditions that start casting circle in the North, but that could fill another web page or two, so we won't get into that one here. In either instance, make certain that you know the full purpose of the work to be performed, have a NEED for that work and have all necessary tools and materials on hand, including any written materials you may need to assist you during the ritual.

Serious Magickal Workings and Spellwork can generate a great deal of energy within the circle which may become mis-directed if not carefully worded. Be certain you are aware of who and/or what you are about to Call, Conjure, Invoke, Evoke (careful on this one) or Summon, remembering that you almost always get what you ask for. If you don't know the meaning of these various terms, flip through the pages of your Wicca 101 Primer and LEARN them BEFORE you proceed to avoid any unexpected surprises that most certainly can and probably WILL return to give you a "BAD HAIR DAY", Times Three.

If you have read this far and are still determined a Magickal Working or Spell is what you, the mighty "Witchdoctor" ordered to accomplish the NEED(s) you have defined, have determined that "It Will Harm None" and it is not being done on behalf of someone other than yourself without their prior knowledge and consent, then roll up the sleeves on your ritual robes and follow along.